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Marine Tech was built up in Six Fours in the Var in Toulon harbor, by a gathering of geologists designers.

We dispatched a surface automaton for the Oil and Gas industry Trim and Tilt and Motor Lifts . Contrasted with a review ship that costs a few hundred thousand euros a day, we are exceptionally focused for all that is studies and studies at first glance.

Marine Tech inquire about these sources, first with investigation programs by satellite pictures and warm pictures via air. At that point brought tests with our surface automaton, and if conceivable, use is the source for the benefit of States panther model 40 .

A gigantic business sector is opening to us around there of ​​the abuse of these wellsprings of crisp water in the ocean.

Anchor Express

SUPER FAST stealth attack boat for the US military and Navy

       Member of PAPA International, the Professional Aerial Photographers Association; IATSE, the International Alliance of Stage and Theatrical Employees; ASMP, the American Society of Media Professionals
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